Why We’re Here

By Randy Meyers, PE, President

It’s been 3 years since I rode MUNI to City Hall to get a business license for MEYERS+ ENGINEERS. After 30 years at a large global engineering firm, I wanted to create a  privately owned firm passionately focused on our clients and their projects. A firm where Principals attend project meetings and personally work on and service their projects; and inspire and develop our staff to provide consistent technical excellence and responsive client service. Three years later, I am pleased and grateful that so many of our clients have entrusted us with their projects and their clients’ business objectives.

What I have consistently heard from our clients is that they want  MEP engineers who are nimble, can make decisions at project meetings, and consistently deliver quality documents on time and budget. Also, that Owners are interested in a wide variety of procurement methods from design/build to design/assist to full services, and that they want  MEP engineers to cooperatively evaluate various methods with the objective of helping Owners decide which one will bring the most overall value to their projects.

We are now working on a broad range of projects in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

As we continue to develop and grow, we will keep these objectives, ideals and values foremost in our minds as we strive to provide the highest level of technical excellence and service for our clients.