From Design to Design Build, our documents are tailored to leverage value, facilitate trade buy-out, and expedite speed to market for your project.



We utilize a full range of analysis, modeling and documentation software to suit every project’s particular needs.  Our systems are programmed to concise standards for consistently accurate and timely delivery. Talk to us about what works best for your project.

SD + DD + CD + BID + CA

The scope of work and extent of documentation for each phase is tailored to the project’s specific delivery method. At each phase our documents represent the optimum combination of engineering expertise, scope of work, cost validation, constructability, and maintainability. Our drawing symbols and families are tightly referenced to our models, documents and specifications. 

Bridging Documents

We have an extensive record of conceiving and producing cost accurate, comprehensive engineering Bridging Documents packaged for GMP bidding and execution by Design Build teams. 

Typical scope includes Concept, SD and partial to full DD phases and review of Design Build team’s work during the CD and CA phases. 


Design Assist

Design assistance is provided by qualified mechanical, electrical and specialty sub-contractors, brought on board early in the design phase. Their input and collaboration is focused on equipment and vendor selection, constructability, detailed 3D modeling, and cost validation. The subcontractors’ pre-construction activities overlap the design phase to support fast-tracked and accelerated schedules.

Using this method, we can serve as the EOR in two ways:

  • The CD’s are prepared, sealed and signed by ourselves; or

  • The CD’s are prepared by the subcontractors under our direct supervision (we seal and sign the drawings). This is an emerging delivery method that can add value to the construction phase as the CD’s also serve as the subcontractors’ 3D model and detailed shop drawings.


Design Build: Subcontractor Level 

FRONT-END WORK — Working for the Architect or Owner, we focus on systems selection, cost validation and speed to market. Our documents clearly and comprehensively define the scope and performance of systems for bidding and execution by pre-qualified design/build mechanical and electrical subcontractors. The subcontractors provide back-end engineering and are the Engineers-of-Record for their work. 

Typical scope includes SD or SD+DD level performance documents, BID phase and review of back-end team’s work during the CD and CA phases.

BACK-END WORK — Working for the subcontractor and serving as the Engineer-of-Record, we deliver construction documents based on the POR (Program of Requirements) and Contract requirements. Typical scope includes DD+CD (or CD only) and CA phases, with extensive cost validation and constructability reviews. 

We serve as the professional representative of the sub-contractor, communicating effectively with the Client to enhance the value of the sub-contractor’s service and product. 

Design Build: Contractor Level 

Comprehensive teams are formed to design and construct buildings based on sector expertise and ability to deliver projects to a rigorous set of prescriptive and performance requirements. The Design Build team includes a combination of Contractor, Developer, Finance, Operator, Architect and Engineers, working collaboratively to deliver maximum value to the procuring entity.

Typical scope includes Concept Design + SD followed by either a Design Assist or Design Build delivery method. Where the Design Build is based on a set of Bridging Documents prepared by others, our services typically include CD + CA services working for the Contractor or Subcontractor.


Due Diligence

Existing buildings are evaluated for a variety of purposes: sale, purchase, tenant occupancy, change of use/occupancy, leasehold terms, etc.

Typical scope includes building systems survey and assessment, code review, energy performance, lease review, utility systems review, life cycle cost, and report preparation.


Integrated Project Design (IPD)

An emerging procurement method, the Owner, Contractor and Design Team enter into a three party contract, with the intent of equally sharing risk and success. The intent is to replace contentious finger pointing with earnest cooperation and collaboration, leading to enhanced value in the form of better design and speed to market.

Typical services range from SD to CA, with elements of Design Build and Design Assist selected to suit a particular project’s program and schedule. Sustainable and High Performance Design (HPD) analysis and modeling is integrated at the beginning of the concept design phase, providing opportunities for successful outcomes for projects with aspirational performance goals. 


Peer Review

Third party engineering review enhances value by validating concepts, assessing value, and assuring the quality of the work of the primary design team.

Typical scope includes detailed review of engineering documents at each phase of the design. Where appropriate, suggestions for alternative systems and approaches are provided based on extensive experience in the particular project a market sectors.


Request for Lease Proposal

A pre-qualified Developer led Design Construct Operate team is challenged to offer best value for a new or expanded/remodeled building for a particular tenant’s POR and Lease Requirements.  

Our services include analysis of POR and Lease Requirements to provide engineering leadership and value analysis support. Our typical scope includes due diligence review of existing properties, SD services, summary reports and support of Contractor/Subcontractor led cost evaluations. Where a Lease Proposal project is won, we provide ongoing support using either the Design Build, Design Assist or full EOR delivery method.