Vaughn Pare
BIM Coordinator

I graduated in 2014 from Stanford University with a B.S. in Architectural Design. The educational environment during my time at college was heavily focused around integrated design and gave many opportunities for future architects and engineers to gain perspective on how the other sides of the entire building process worked. I developed an appreciation for programs such as AutoCAD and Revit as tools in order to make the collaborative process smoother and more open to exploration. I now work from the engineering point of view, communicating with various disciplines on a daily basis in order to better understand what needs to be done to create a building.

Did you know?

Outside of work, I've enjoyed playing and discussing video games since the age of four. My personal interest towards efficiency and good team communication can be traced back to the various strategy and multiplayer games I've spent thousands of hours on, having fun figuring out optimal plays and planning things out with teammates and friends.
Direct:  415.432.8108

“Though the various applications of BIM in multidisciplinary design can be described as complex, it should never overcomplicate the process. The execution of computer modeling should strive to be as clear and coordinated as the final drawings this tool is meant to help us create.”