Soun Phun
Finance Manager


I was born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In 1975, when the Khmer Rouge took power and my family was forced from their home due to the cruel and inhumane treatment they endured by the Khmer Rouge. We fled to the countryside where we lived in huts with little or no food to eat. For about 4 years, I worked on the farm to survive while my parents lived elsewhere. In 1980, my family and I fled to Thailand as a way of survival but again were faced with many challenges, the Red Cross stepped in and we were sent to a refugee camp for nearly 2 years. We were later sponsored by the World Religious Group in San Francisco and arrived here in 1981. Unable to speak English, I enrolled in Mission High School and worked very hard and graduated in 3 years with honors. Then continued my education and graduated from Golden Gate University with a B.S. degree in accounting. 

For over twenty years, I’ve worked in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (A/E/C) industry in finance and accounting. Although it’s been along time since I was a girl trying to survive in Cambodia, when I think back, I am reminded of seemingly impossible circumstances and I am inspired to make my job fun every day!  

I’ve worked with the Partners at MEYERS+ at a previous firm for many years and recently joined MEYERS+. I am very glad to be part of a top MEP design firm in the Bay Area, a firm which has passionate individuals who strive for excellence and diversity.

Did you know?

My dream career was to be a registered nurse. However, a finance career allowed me to quickly find a job after college and assist my parents financially. My dream is still alive, and my kids are now pursuing careers in the medical profession. My son is studying to become a surgeon and my daughter is studying to become a pediatrician.
Direct:  415.432.8128


“Hard work +
Dedication +
Dreams =