Richard Somers
Mechanical Engineer


Starting as a little kid, maybe only 4 or 5 years old, I kept a “daddy fix it” pile in the corner of my room. It started with little things like a broken toy firetruck or window shade that had fallen. Every once in a while, I’d bug my dad, we’d pick something out of the pile, and try to get it working again (though it never seemed to end up quite right). That curiosity grew from fixing broken toys to questions like how a car engine worked, why plastic was clear and many other tangents that my young mind went off on.

When I went off to college, I ended up picking a school where I would “co-op” and work full-time for 6 months and spend the year as a full-time student. Not really knowing what I wanted to do, I worked for companies that developed medical devices and computer hardware before falling into the MEP world. My first foray was as a lighting designer and lighting control commissioning agent, but soon realized that HVAC was where I belonged. A couple years after that first co-op in the buildings industry I landed in San Francisco and was lucky enough to immediately get started on some of the projects that now define the skyline.

Did you know?

I’m a huge minor league baseball fan. From as obscure as the Cape Cod summer league and independent ball to the San Jose Giants (my favorite baseball team growing up). There’s just something about the small crowds, wacky mascots and weird mid-inning activities that keeps me coming back.
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“Even the genius asks his questions.”

— Tupac Shakur