Pawel Gotlib
BIM Manager

I visited the US in 2001 from Poland after graduating from the University of Szczecin with a Master of Science in Statistics and Computer Science. In 2003, I returned to San Francisco and started my career as a barista in coffee shop in Mission Bay. At that time, my customers were the architects, builders and UCSF project managers working on all of the new construction on the UCSF Campus. I would ask “how are things going?” and I would hear everything! In the afternoons, I would visit the trailers and learn what was going on for myself. I think it was Hunt Construction that encouraged me to take a Construction Management course at night and from there I used my computer science background to learn AutoCAD and REVIT and became certified in both. I am very interested in all things related to technology and high performance and became a LEED AP in 2009. In 2010, with my developing interest in building design, I interned with Arup and then worked for WSP. I joined Meyers + Engineers to fully realize my passion using computer technology as a tool to improve building design as well as to follow my entrepreneurial spirit and help build an innovative engineering firm.

Did you know?

I chose to live in San Francisco over Chicago and LA, not for the reasons you would expect, but because the Warriors play in the Bay Area. I have always been a basketball fan and the Warriors are my team.
Direct:  415.432.8104

“I have a distaste for clichés but I believe that you do for others as you would do for yourself. I would never send anything to a client that I didn’t think was completely correct.”

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