Principal, Mechanical Engineering

My career in engineering was not exactly my first choice. In high school in Ireland, I was all set to study architecture, but changed my mind at the last minute after talking to people in the field, realizing that I wasn’t the right fit. At the time, mechanical engineering was a fallback. Boy, I’m glad that I got that advice, because I would not have been a good architect. Moving to San Francisco was a fortunate accident. I was about to accept an internship in Hartford, CT, when I was lucky to get an offer to go to Flack + Kurtz in San Francisco. 16 years and many great projects later, San Francisco is home; I am glad to work every day with architects who are truly skilled. Maybe I’m living vicariously, but as a consulting engineer, it makes me happy to support them and our clients.

Did you know?

Backpacking in the Sierras brings me enormous joy. (I seem to hike quicker uphill than on the flat.) In college, I was an avid whitewater kayaker, and have recently come out of retirement to take up sea kayaking. On my first outing (at Mavericks — start small, right?), I saw a couple of humpback whales... amazing!
Direct:  415.432.8117

“There are few problems in design and construction that can’t be made better — or even solved completely — by picking up the phone and getting an understanding of where others are coming from.”