Kenny Stewart, CxA
Building Commissioning Team Leader


I grew up in the San Mateo Peninsula, graduated from Chico State with a construction management degree, and accepted a project engineer position with a San Francisco based general contractor. It all seemed pretty simple.

My next step was onto project management, or so I thought. Once I realized my true construction interests, my career path changed. A design consultant firm relocated me to Las Vegas and introduced me to the world of commissioning. I discovered I was passionate about mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, and commissioning ended up being a natural fit.

Eleven years later, I get to work on both sides — with the MEP teams in the design of projects and the contracting teams in the construction of projects. It truly is the best of both worlds and allows me to be involved in all aspects of construction.

Did you know?

When I am not out testing chillers or air handlers, I am out drag racing. Construction is something I enjoy, racing is something I love. There’s something to be said about setting a car up for a quarter mile pass, but there’s more to enjoy when you hit on the tune up and see a win light come on.
Direct:  415.432.8131

“If you build it they will come”

— “The Voice” Field of Dreams, 1989

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