Jindra Skala
Senior Plumbing/Fire Protection Engineer

Growing up in the heart of Europe, I was born and raised in a small town in the Czech Republic by the name of Turnov. My interest in art and design started at a young age. I would dedicate the majority of my time to sketching and painting. After applying to the School of Arts I decided to become an engineer. I emigrated from the Czech Republic to Austria in 1986 and spent two years in a refugee camp. It was not until two years later I came to the United States. I came across Flack + Kurtz and worked there for two decades before joining MEYERS+. I am a firm believer in detail because the slightest error can cause an entire project to fail. Being able to work through the nooks and crannies of a project is why I love my job. It is beyond rewarding to be an engineer.

Did you know?

I love gardening and the great outdoors. Nature is my escape and is food for the soul. If I was not an engineer, I would be a naturopathic herbalist.

Direct:  415.432.8125


“Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.”

— Jack Dorsey