Brian Yazolino
Electrical Design Engineer


I received my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from UCLA in 2006. During college, I balanced three of my favorite things, engineering, cycling and remodeling turn of the century homes. I then went on to work as a payload engineer at Space Systems Loral on satellite transponders, two of which are now in orbit, Intelsat20 and Asiasat7. Although I greatly enjoyed the experience in the 'tech' world of engineering I realized there was something missing and kept coming back to the same question: How to combine the satisfaction I experienced from remodeling homes with engineering? Architectural engineering with a focus on power distribution was the perfect fit for my background and interests. So, I hit the books after 10 years out of school, obtained an EIT certificate and looked for an opportunity with a top engineering firm. When I saw the expertise Meyers+ Engineers offered in MEP systems design as well as their commitment to their clients I knew it was an excellent fit and was more than happy to come onboard.

Did you know?

I am an avid cyclist and on the weekends can be found riding the Berkeley and Oakland hills. I enjoy studying the history of ancient civilizations and Medieval Europe.

History Fact: Did you know the beautiful Hagia Sophia basilica in Istanbul was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I in 537 AD?
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