Adam Kyle, PE LEED AP BD+C
Associate Principal, Building Performance Team Leader

When I think about building design, everything comes back to people. We get up every day and interact with our colleagues, clients, family and friends. And we design spaces for those people — to live, to learn, to work and to play. To me, sustainability needs to keep that focus.

We have a professional responsibility to design buildings that utilize resources and generate emissions in a way that is respectful to the current generation and many more to come. And, at the same time, we also have a responsibility to create spaces and places that enrich the human experience. Spaces that are beautiful, comfortable, healthy and enable the occupants to reach their full potential.

The other aspect of “people” is the journey of imagining, designing and building a building. It takes hundreds of people working together to bring the client’s vision to reality within a finite budget. More than anything, collaboration is what brings forth the best product — and it’s also the part of the process that I find to be the most fun.

Did you know?

If I wasn’t an engineer, I'd probably be a glassblower. There’s something about the immediacy of molten glass that brings out my creative side. You have to start a piece with a plan and be willing to go where the glass takes you.
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“I enjoy problem solving and building design definitely scratches that itch. Finding the right combination of solutions to make a clients’ vision come to life while balancing the project’s myriad goals is what gets me out of the bed in the morning.”

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