Amrit Singh, LEED GA
Senior Engineer

When I landed in the US from a small village in India (Bodal) in 1993, I was awe-struck by the high-rise buildings and the abundance of electricity and lights all around me. The tallest building in my farming village was two stories and electricity wasn’t reliable. My amazement turned quickly to curiosity and the desire to design systems for these incredible engineering feats. During high school, I discovered that I could go to college and study building systems design and I focused my studies on HVAC and Plumbing. After graduation, I started as a drafter and then quickly gained experience designing systems for larger and complex projects. In the past 14 years, I have worked on significant projects all over the world including: soccer stadiums in Basrah, Iraq; hotels, residential towers and a large retail center for MGM City Center in Las Vegas and the Doha Airport in Qatar. Although each design is unique, I always start by developing a detailed understanding of the building structure and architectural design. My curiosity for how buildings worked started the day I arrived in the US and it is the same curiosity that has driven me to develop systems for some of the most unique projects around the world.

Did you know?

I am a sports enthusiast! I run, bike, play soccer and hike – anything active where I can be outdoors.
Direct:  415.432.8109

“If you start something, finish it.”