Tyler Barkey, EIT
Electrical Design Engineer

I spent much of my childhood in North Carolina on construction sites with my dad. I would design homes in CAD on his office computer and explore sites when the crews left. I’m still fascinated by how he coordinates contractors, works with inspectors and architects and owners, and makes homes rise out of patches of red clay, but I followed in my grandfather’s footsteps to become an electrical engineer.

When I was a student at NC State University, I realized that I was interested in nearly every aspect of electrical engineering and I had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to do. I did optical systems research, substation design internships, fabricated silicon chips, published an article on wearable medical devices, and worked for an LED lighting manufacturer. Eventually, an architect friend of mine suggested that I look into MEP engineering. The more I read about it, the more I felt like I’d found my career. I liked the prospect of interacting with different trades, making buildings more sustainable, and marrying a handful of my expertise in one job, so I decided to pursue it.

I joined the MEYERS+ team, picked up my life, and got a fresh start here in San Francisco! It’s been a dream to work with such a dynamic group of engineers on such incredible projects. But, the best part is walking around the city, looking up, and just knowing that I play a role in making these architectural feats come to life.

Did you know?

As much as my brain is analytical and well-suited for engineering, I have to regularly explore my creative side to feel balanced. I paint occasionally with oil and I was a DJ at my college’s radio station, WKNC, for 3 years. Music is still a huge part of my life. I spend a few hours a week searching for new music, attend shows, and you'll rarely catch me without headphones.

Direct:  415.432.8112

“Think of all the ways you use electricity in a day... That’s a powerful thought!”