Stephen Cia
Senior Plumbing & Fire Protection Engineer

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I grew up and spent most of my childhood in Java Island. As a kid in school I remember I would took my calculator and carefully disassemble it piece by piece. I wanted to know how it worked so I figured what better way to learn than to see the inside. I removed everything until there was nothing else that can be removed without making the calculator inoperable. I also remember my teacher then said to me, "Stop breaking your calculator! Are you trying to make it into a computer?" Technically, I did not break my calculator but it was a signal for me to stop and pay attention!

Although I didn't learn how calculator actually works, I did observe how every component on the inside fits perfectly by design and it was beautiful. I knew then I wanted to be an engineer. Fast forward in time, I followed my intuition and graduated from University of Kansas with degree in Architectural Engineering. That was in 2007, suffice to say I'm having a blast.

Did you know?

In the past I have taught evening classes on plumbing system design as guest lecturer at Academy of Art. I'm also slightly obsessed with a 3D printer. I wanted to know how it works... I ended up with building my own to which I then use it to build another one. It was time consuming but oddly satisfying process.
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“Things that I learn easily, I also forget easily.”

— Unknown