Net Generative Future Approach 

A net zero or net generative building is one in which the building loads (energy and water) are reduced to a minimum so that the capacity of the building’s renewable energy sources are correspondingly minimized.

How We Design for a Net Generative Future

I  D  E  A

D  E  S  I  G  N 

Building Siting

Optimize massing and orientation for natural load reduction and maximum renewable energy and water source income

Building Envelope

Reduce loads by enhancing façade thermal and daylighting performance


Combine natural ventilation with mechanical air distribution to reduce fan load and improve indoor environmental quality

Plug Loads

Select and specify high efficiency, occupant controllable end use equipment

Occupant Control

Enable occupant level control of thermal comfort terminal devices and local lighting systems

Building Systems

Design and specify high performance HVAC, electrical, plumbing and lighting systems and controls

Measure and Verify

Provide and commission automatic control systems for HVAC, lighting, and daylighting systems