Kevin Tran
BIM Specialist

I feel privileged to be working with cutting edge modeling technology that streamlines the design process while making it more accurate. However, tools can only enhance the performance of the people behind them. I’m glad that the leadership behind me brings professionalism, passion, and persistence, enabling me to perform at my best. My team recognizes my strengths and that recognition fosters a great working environment for delivering quality drawings. My commitment to growth makes me confident that I will adapt to the evolution of the industry so that our practices remain extremely competitive.

Did you know?

My father and I share a hobby in music. He taught me to play the guitar when I was 13 and we’ve been playing together ever since. The way music challenges my creativity has complemented my thinking in my work. What translated from song to song I’m pleased to know can translate from music to modeling. That level of creative engagement makes this line of work all the more stimulating and pleasurable.
Direct:  415.432.8121

“Demanding the highest standard for your work allows you to make friends with your critics.”