David Buza
Senior Associate, Building Technology Team Leader


I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during the emergence of technology and what would eventually be the network infrastructure foundation that has catapulted the Bay Area/Silicon Valley.  As a young kid, I remember not only riding my bike and playing catch with friends, but also being curious about how technology enabled new ways of communication. My pager created a communication channel among friends when cell phones were a luxury and mobile networks were in the process of being designed and tested.

I graduated from college with a Computer Sciences degree and started working at a Design Build contracting company engineering and constructing telecommunications infrastructure in the late 90’s during the dot-com boom. I was part of a team in the 2000s that designed and implemented the backbone of the internet for the Bay Area with 1,000s of miles of fiber optic cable, building data centers and colocation facilities. Essentially, we established the backbone of what is the Bay Area internet infrastructure. That was the beginning of my technology systems design experience prior to moving into the A&E industry and, for the past 20 years, I have designed converged telecommunication systems, audio visual, electronic security, DAS, ERRCS and other intelligent building systems.

Designing technology systems is a passion for me and I have completed projects around the country and globe with many of them here in San Francisco. It makes me excited to show my kids and explain how I supported the technology visions of a couple cornerstone projects all around the city including Transbay Transit Center, Salesforce Tower, Park Tower, 181 Fremont, San Francisco International Airport, Various Commercial, Hospitality and Mixed-Use buildings, along with campus projects for UCSF and UC Berkeley.

I have four amazing kids and love spending time with them. From hanging out talking with my daughter Bria, coaching my son Matthew’s football team who made it to the championship last year, taking my eldest son David Jr to karate and my youngest Gabriel to his toddler basketball league, I’m so proud of them all. My youngest tags along with his brothers in everything they do and he can’t wait to be old enough for both karate and football leagues too! One of my greatest joys is watching them grow, expanding and supporting their development and always encouraging them to try new things.

Did you know?

As a hobby I like to work on classic cars, particularly mid ’60s early ’70s American muscle cars. I have completed a few along the way a 1965 Chevelle, 1970 Camaro Super Sport, etc. and am working on a 1967 Pontiac Firebird at the moment.

Direct:  415.432.8139


“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”

— Jerry Rice