Carmen Liu
Plumbing/Fire Protection Designer


Growing up in San Francisco, I loved exploring the architecture unique to each neighborhood and the parks that complement those environments. By way of my family’s general contractor business, I was also exposed early on to construction while helping my father review and translate English on architectural drawings. Having an affinity for design that creatively integrates itself into its existing surroundings, I studied Civil Engineering at UC Davis and found myself interested in the water resources and environmental design disciplines. I became involved in the ASCE Environmental Project team, designing and constructing an on-site water treatment system for the annual ASCE competition.

I felt fortunate to study in Davis with home only an hour and a half drive away. Every single trip back while driving on the Bay Bridge, I remember being in awe of the city skyline greeting my commute back home. I knew when I graduated I wanted to return and be a part of the progress and change in San Francisco, while retaining its core identity. Now joining MEYERS+ as a Plumbing Designer, I am excited to have found another home within my home.

Did you know?

I’ve enjoyed shooting film photography since high school when I took a black-and-white film class during one summer. I loved seeing the results developing in the dark room. Now I like searching for old film cameras on eBay and trying out all kinds of film. One day I would love to set up a dark room to develop photos in my own space!
Direct:  415.432.8132


“Design should not dominate things, should not dominate people. It should help people. That's its role.”

— Dieter Rams