Amy Ho
Administrative Assistant


Being an enthusiastic self-starter with a background in performing clerical and secretarial tasks has led me to Meyers+ Engineers as their administrative assistant. Task-driven and a goal-oriented team player, I try to work collaboratively with everyone at the firm to provide support so that the operations of the office runs smoothly. Successfully demonstrating the ability to maintain the workflow by multitasking has shown that I am consistently ensuring a high level of reliability and assistance.

Joining the team has allowed me to develop positive relationships with coworkers and clients alike. Just being able to work alongside such talented engineers highly motivates me to perform more proficiently. Keeping this in mind I am always striving to ensure exceptional work that can be fully utilized.

Did you know?

I love bunnies and rabbits, if I could visit Okunoshima, an island in Japan inhabited mostly by rabbits, I would take the ferry to the island every weekend to see all the rabbits. My favorite is the Netherland dwarf because their short ears makes their face look even more chubby.
Direct:  415.432.8111

“Teamwork makes the Dream Work”